Help Needed. How to install Adobe CS2 after activation problem

Started Jun 13, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Help Needed. How to install Adobe CS2 after activation problem

Brandon birder wrote:

My copy of CS1 suddenly required activation but all activation servers for CS1 and CS2 are now gone. I followed Adobe's instructions and logged on with my ID and downloaded all the CS2 image files. I have Windows 7. I followed the instructions to extract them all in the correct way and they unloaded themselves into their default folders.

I extracted disk1 last as advised and then tis started the install process, took the Serial number given by adobe and then after installing disk one stopped and waited for CD2 and wouldn't go on further. None of the images were on CD's but on the hard drive. Any idea what I do now to get this installed. Adobes help file for installation didn't match up with any method other than using CD's.

Help anyone?

Your post is confusing. You say CS1 suddenly required activation. Your title says you want to install Adobe CS2.

It is not clear also, whether you are talking about Creative Suite or Photoshop CS1/CS2.

My understanding is that all activation for CS2 and backwards are disabled on the servers.

As long as you have a legitimate copy of disks with the serial numbers, you have the right to call Adobe and have them walk thru the installation with you on the phone.


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