History & Future of the dSLR

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The Sheep say "Baaaahhhh"

. . . because they can't say anything else. Certainly nothing original or sensical. They just follow along.

I don't know about you all, but I am so tired of reading about the "death" of photography. Everyone who's talking about photography being "over" is either a douchey net pundit publishing crap link-bait or a wall street "analyst" who's been instructed to push a line that'll have Lloyd Blankfein's automated trades, tomorrow, sh/tcanning a teachers' or firepersons' retirement fund somewhere for another cool Goldman $1 Billion.

And don't even get me started about the Sun Times. If you're one of those that thinks the layoffs have anything to do with or have anything to say about the state of photography as an art (as opposed to, say, the state of (gross in)competence in corporate America's executive leadership) then I have some prime real Florida real estate that may interest you . . . .

Meanwhile, many ends of the art are in the midst of a full-blown creative renaissance. Commercial photography, fashion photography, high-end wedding photography have never been so absolutely gorgeous. Did you see Mario Testino's editorial spread of Beyonce in March's Vogue? Or Peter Lindbergh's "Stardust" spread from Marrakech in June's issue? Or Jose Villa's 2013 weddings so far? The Spring 2013 Bottega Veneta campaign? Yeah. Nothing says "photography is dying" like that stuff.

LOOK: I know it's oh-so-trendy to be the guy who "skates to where the puck will be" (or whatever Wayne Gretzky told Steve Jobs to do), but part of doing that means actually defining an original direction, not braying out the nonsensical "photography is dying" or "the camera industry is dying" line like it's supposed to mean something. Instead of listening to that crap, there are more artists now than ever who're shooting photographs in wildly original directions and styles. They don't care whether the SLR lives or dies. (I mean, Jose Villa never got the memo about film, ya know, and his stuff has never been better.)

The challenge to create an original perspective with your art has been there from the start, since Louis Daguerre lit it up in 1839. However much the technology has changed, however much it has inspired or enabled great ideas, the fact that you've got to hang out your own shingle has remained constant. From what I can make of this thread's bizarro OP, it seems like you're trying to shirk that responsibility by using uncertain technological progress as a dodge. "I can't create anything original because I'm so worried about the ground shifting under me!  (And by the way, how trendy am I, noticing and talking about that shifting ground?") Um, no.

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