X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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Re: what are you talking about

digicosmos wrote:

Thank you! So it's confirmed that the JPG engines of X-trans cameras is just not as good as that of X100. I thought X100s would keep even a higher standard. In other words, my expectations were too high.

I apologize in advance for the frustration.

It is confirmed that you shot at a too slow speed (hence you get subject motion blur), too slow aperture (suboptimal since diffraction already kicks in), too high iso (compared to what should be done), the wrong color and the wrong subject with harsh light on a windy day, and your got results accordingly, as could be expected (well not bad, but certainly not optimal, as you have noticed yourself).

Nothing personal, but I am AMAZED that you have been told that by everyone in this thread and prefer to believe it is the camera (even if none but you said it). That is really fascinating to observe.

The good thing is you come here for recommandations and got very sound advices from people very keen to help you to improve your skills and get more regular performance out of your camera. Before swapping your camera for another, why not check if they could be right, by any chance ?

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