What are you using for macro photography?

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Re: Sigma 150mm 2.8

BasiliskPhoto wrote:

I have always shot macro with a manual lens (going back to my film days) assuming AF wasn't going to help. So I have some questions with the current generation of macro lenses.

For shooting insects etc handheld:

For current lenses like the Sigma 150 and 105, and the Nikon 105, does the vibration compensation help with maintaining a focus point on a moving subject?

Does the wide maximum aperture (f2.8) give the edge for fast AF acquisition?

Do better sensors, allowing practical use of 1/4000 shutter speeds help with freezing motion.

Ultimately, is handheld macro shooting getting to be less of a crazy misfocussed lottery?

The point in using AF lens is to focus faster and more accurately then by eye with MF. In Macro photography, that is NOT the case! Yes, you can use AF, but it is seldom not so precise or fast.

As a rule, when you use a tripod, you should switch off VR. And specially at those close distances.

Do you really need 1/4000 to freeze an Insect? Seems to me a lot....?

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