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SunnyFlorida wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

SunnyFlorida wrote:

If the 28mm F/1.8g is your least used lens, why would you buy a 28mm prime P&S?

That's like saying "chocolate ice cream is my least favorite flavor" and then you order chocolate ice cream.

I wouldn't.

IMHO the P7700 is a superior camera to the A in too many respects. And the A still ends up in a small bag. It's just not small enough for me to call it a pocket-cam.

OK, that's fine the p7700 maybe superior but I would think that the A is at least better shooting at 28mm + low light , which is good for museums, dinner parties, etc.

Yes, and when charged with bringing the best possible quality shooting to a dinner party I may consider using the A. For a museum I prefer wider glass.

I own a lot of prime lenses and love using them, but I have no desire to suddenly have one crazy-glued to one of my cameras.

well, it's no wonder you didn't like the A, you prefer zooms over primes

I own the 20mm AF-D, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm G lenses as well as the sigma 50mm 1.4. I also own the 300mm AF-S. I actually dumped the inferior 24-70 because the primes were so good. Safe to say I like and use primes quite a bit. But AGAIN, I don't want to be stuck with ONE prime on and body. It's just too limiting.

I'm glad people like the A. It's inevitable that some shooters would find it "just right." But wanting such a cam to also be good at portrait work is hardly a travesty and violation of the design.

well, I don't think many people will buy a 28mm to do portraits, it's alimited range, but not a limited camera

The types of photography that can't be done with 28mm is a LONG list. It's a very limited camera, which is why most of us consider it a niche product.


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