Nikon D5100 vs. D5200

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Re: Nikon D5100 vs. D5200

trut_maluglist wrote:

Damnerd wrote:

compare the photos in this contest: I think the biggest factor is the hand the camera is in, wish I was in the same league as some of these guys.

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Given the size the photos in that contest are displayed at, the camera probably doesn't make a difference.

Click on the photos and you can see them in a larger resolution.

IMO it really-really doesn't matter which camera you get, either would be fine.  If I were you I'd either go cheap and order the D5100 refurb'd from Adorama for $479 with the kit lens or if I was going new I'd go D5200 or even D7100.  I bought the D5100 refurb a few months back and it had something ridiculous like 4 shutter actuations.  I couldn't find a single scratch or blemish anywhere on the body or lens.  And for something like $6 I got a 1 year & 3 month warranty from Adorama.  I've been completely happy.  That said, I don't think I'd pay full price for a new D5100 when the D5200 is just a couple hundred more.

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