X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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Re: X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

Len_Gee wrote:

baobob wrote:

If you have any doubt on the quality of the camera do the following

go in doors et aperture to 5.6 iso to 200 inactive NR use flash try to get a wall paper with repetitive small patterns shoot from say 2 meters try to be parallalel to the wall as much as possible the shoot ans adjust settings of flash to get light as uniform as possible

View 100% on the screen of the computer check corners and borders left and right center as well and make sure that in corners sharpnees is still ok even if a bit less tha center

make sure that both sides are rather equivalent

The critical point in the test is the optical axis perpendicular to the wal It's better that the brick wall because completely flat so if ther is a problem you detect it immediately

This is my own personal test in my computer room I have a vintage 35 years old horrible wall paper already published here which is full of small dots a very good test i should never change it

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+1 on babob advice.

I'll add the following :

tape a sheet of the newspaper on wall

mount camera in a sturdy tripod

use self timer or remote release

make sure camera is level and perpendicular to wall/newspaper

shoot at several f stops

Examine results @ 100%. center and corners.

Good luck.

Be sure to get both the target and the camera perfectly level for this, or it won't be particularly useful. And keep in mind that the X100/X100s lens does have some field curvature, so this kind of test is only really going to be useful to see if it's decentered. Some border softness is to be expected.

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