History & Future of the dSLR

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Re: History & Future of the dSLR

T O Shooter wrote:

I agree with a lot of what you are saying but the D800 / D800e can live long into the future.

DR is sufficient for most of us, and with time, HDR and other software, some not yet developed, will allow us to extract more from the D800 files

High ISO will probably at some point become a non issue, but the D800 can produce good images at high enough ISO to allow it to have a long life for many users.

A 36 mp file, from a properly taken shot, can produce a huge print, bigger than most of us will ever need. We're not going to start building homes with all 20' high ceilings so that we'll be able to print 8' high prints.

AF, while not perfect, is still adequate for many.

If you go back to some of the cameras you mentioned, the limitations were apparant then. The DR wasn't there, the IQ wasn't there, the file size for large prints wasn't there, the high ISO quality wasn't there, and the AF was no where near what it is now. But 10 -15 years from now some photographer will still be able to extract stunning photos from an 800 / 800e and print them large enough for most requirements.

DR from one range of the scale to the other, High ISOs of 200,000 or so with no degradation of image, high fps because of the elimination of mirrors as we know them, AF with immediate lock on and fool proof tracking certainly wouldn't surprise me. But I don't think that would make the D800 a dinosaur to the masses.

You bring up some good points. But people are also interested in the latest greatest, and the D800 will seem to lack the most basic of functions expected by then (whatever those features might be). I don't pretend to know the future, but just look at the Canon 1Ds from the past. I wanted one of those things so badly and back then it was just prohibitively expensive to me. The output was just so amazing, and it was the top dog of the flagships (Canon was king for a long while after Kodak). I don't know what the future tech will be; but I know it will make what we own today almost worthless. And that's the challenge I'm presenting to the forum. To even consider that.

Why? I don't know. It seemed interesting to me to analyze myself for awhile and then seek out others who may also consider and ponder. And it has helped me to relax while shooting more. I find that understanding that I'm creating obsolete photographs when looked from the future to the present is also presenting better photography now because I'm not so tense trying for a perfection I'll never care about again just a camera body or two or three down the road.

I find it rather fascinating that besides a few iconic photographs, the only stuff flowing through the veins of the internet come from new cameras. And so, the obvious future reality becomes that I won't give a thought about the D800e at all. I will rarely visit that camera's folders. It's kind of sobering and challenging to think about at the same time. Why do I continue to engage in a passion, career, hobby, knowledge of photography when everything I capture is destined to be forgotten? There is no "Hey we're finally here at the top of the technology mountain" event in our future history where we stop inventing and re-inventing everything we use, including cameras.

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