RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

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Re: DON"T BUY THE 24-70 !

it's a lens; not a rocket ship. That said I may have gotten a bad copy. It also might be that I have an excellent copy of the 24-105. Dunno but I sent the 24-70 back.

Keep in mind that the IS is very nice; especially for indoor family life.


I've compared the 24-105 and 24-70 I, and I'd say there's quite a difference in IQ, and I'll vouch for 24-70 as being a better choice if you're much concerned about IQ than focal length. The price difference at that time was only about $300, on that price, the 24-105 wasn't a good choice for me considering cost vs performance.

Having said that, you should know I'm kind of a pixel peeper, my current lens line up is all primes and some manual focus, so... I might be too picky on IQ

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