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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

WatsonPhoto wrote:

Thanks everybody, there are definitely some good points raised. I have decided to go with two larger SSD's. I do want to separate the OS from the user data. I will likely go with the 256 gb for the OS and 512 gb for the user data + Lightroom files. 512 gb will also be big enough to handle the temporary storage of new images until I archive them off to the USB3 drives.

I talked extensively in the last post saying that for the OS, the 128 versus 256 performance question is largely silly.   But if the $120 dollars isn't a deal breaker, you do ensure no capacity issues.   My OS install with CS6 and lightroom and catalogs (and backups) and various third party plugins is running close to 100gb right now.  Buying a 120-128 now isn't very future proofed.  Of course I could take a few steps to clean up excess catalogs (or move them entirely) and keep the page file for Windows small.

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