A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

HSway wrote:

That’s the thing. You have constantly narrowed your view to "action market" but for someone the d300 is an ideal macro shooting tool and there are so many other views whether based on specific needs or specific abilities of expertise. It can easily happen that you read my words about d300 and its replacement that don’t relate to "action market"? I think so. I do mention specifically whenever I mean specific and indeed did so many times in these posts. Just take a look at what exactly I write starting with the reply to John. It’s not also clear to me what you can mean (what cameras) by dx "action market" concretely as the dx format seems to be where the most, if not all, of this attention is drawn to.

I will finish going back focusing on 'shooting action' question despite not knowing about a single sentence from my posts that could prompt it or make it particularly relevant. As you can find out shooting action doesn’t keep me too busy nor is it very important in my photography though the same can't be said about several my friends. Some of them sure quite a personality and that including shooting from fast moving spots.

To add a little to Kerry's response, I think what we're expecting (though this is all just speculation) is that a D400 would be a very similar sensor to a D7100.  So, if one is just interested in sensor performance (e.g. for macro, landscapes, portraits, etc...), then the D400 probably won't offer a lot (or perhaps any) additional performance for those types of photography over the D7100.  Where the D400 would really make a difference is for action photography with a larger buffer, faster fps, more powerful AF, shorter mirror blackout time, etc....

So, if you don't really use the "action" capabilities of your cameras much, then you don't necessarily have to wait for a D400 - you could probably get just as good an IQ for non-action with the D7100.  That's somewhat similar to the D90 vs. D300 comparison.  They are basically the same sensor.  The D90 scores slightly higher in noise performance (like a few percent better), but they are pretty much the same IQ for subjects that don't move.  Where the D300 excels is in either subjects in motion (e.g. action) or if you want the larger build of the D300.  The same is likely going to be true when comparing the D400 vs. D7100 though obviously this is all guesses since there is no D400 announcement yet, but it does seem like there would be little reason for a D400 if it wasn't good at action and it seems unlikely that Nikon makes a big advance in DX sensor tech for a product later this year.

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