X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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Re: X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

digicosmos wrote:

It was focused at infinity at f/11 everything should be in focus. Look at the trees on the left. I wouldn't say that is sharp... I mean, seriously, my compact does better than this. Is it because I got a bad copy of the camera? So far I hated every shot that came out from this camera...

Well, you are being told that

the shutter speed was too low,

you are focusing at the wrong place,

you need to override the aggressive noise reduction in the camera,

you would be better served with a $2300 RX1,

you should be shooting in RAW and post processing,

JPEGS from this camera are over-sharpened with too much contrast and noise reduction,

there was too much wind,

all trees look like that in any camera,

ISO 800 is too high

you should shoot at ISO 100

you shot at the wrong f/number not at the sweet spot,

and your lens is decentered.

I disagree entirely with all these comments except the last. I say send the camera back and get another camera.

Why? If it takes all this fuss and feathers and all this thinking and adjustment, something is wrong with the camera or its suitability for you.

I get much sharper images, all the time, using JPEGS straight OOC, even at ISO 1600 or higher, from my clunky slow Canon G1X, no excuses . If my camera can do it, surely there are others t that can, from the same or other manufacturers.

I don't see why you can't find a camera that takes much better images than the one above, shooting at JPEG straight OOC and concentrating on the subject and not fussing with the camera.

You either have a bad copy of the X100s or the camera isn't suitable for you.

Really, if you hate all the photos you have taken with it, why get embroiled with all these engineer-techniciian posters advising you to make an M.I.T. course out of taking photos with it?


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