A prediction of the D400.

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Kerry Pierce
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Re: A prediction of the D400.

Simon Garrett wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Nikon doesn't have any action cameras in its current lineup, other than the d4

What does an action camera need that's absent from all but the D4? I'm assuming:

  • frame rate
  • buffer size

The others have covered this pretty well, Simon, so I won't rehash it.

Anything else? It's not intended as a loaded question. I'm not an action photographer, and I hear this comment often, and I'm genuinely curious.

People often say that the D800 won't do action (and isn't a replacement for the D700) because it can manage a "mere" 4 fps in FX mode. The D7100 isn't an action camera because its buffer isn't big enough.

Is there more to an action camera that the D300 has and the D4 has, but no other current camera has?

I own the d300, d700, d800 and d3s.  The d800 is not an action camera, IMO, and I don't use it for that.  The d3s is a superb action camera.  Part of what makes an action camera is it's speed and responsiveness.  The d300 and d700 are fast, responsive cameras, but the d3s is a large step ahead of them.  All of them track the subject very well, providing FPS rates that allow you to hedge your bets on the money shots, but most of all, they just get out of your way when you are using them. They deliver the shots, time and again, where other cameras simply can't compete.

But, not only are those cameras excellent at action, they also are excellent at everything else, like portraits, landscapes, events, weddings, etc.  One body, DX or FX, is really all that most folks need, with a backup for those doing paid work.

We don't have that one body, DX or FX option today, like we did in the d3 generation.

The problem with the d3 or d4 bodies should be obvious. Their cost is prohibitive to the average users.  The d300 and d700 solved that prohibitive cost issue, as would the d400, should they ever make one.



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