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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

Thanks everybody, there are definitely some good points raised. I have decided to go with two larger SSD's. I do want to separate the OS from the user data. I will likely go with the 256 gb for the OS and 512 gb for the user data + Lightroom files. 512 gb will also be big enough to handle the temporary storage of new images until I archive them off to the USB3 drives.

The sizing discussion on the SSD's was also very good. It also made me realize that I have to shrink my Lightroom previews cache and start doing some pruning of images as well. I will be using the convert to DNG lossy compression feature for some of my older material. This was material scanned in from negatives which only holds personal value. I tested and the file size shrinks from 120 mb down to 16 mb. I will probably change my selection and archiving strategy as well. Final selections will be retained in full DNG format and all others will be saved using DNG lossy compression or deleted.

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