X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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Re: what are you talking about

Plenty of good points already made, but one that needs reinforcing: this camera hits peak sharpness at f/5.6. F/8 is still quite good, if a tiny bit softer (and probably with better overall corner-to-corner sharpness), but f/11 is noticeably soft.

Also, it sounds like you were spoiled by the X100's great JPEG engine. It's the only camera I've ever used that retained an even remotely acceptable amount of detail in OOC JPEGs...and unfortunately the X-Trans cameras haven't kept this up. So really:

• Shoot RAW and leave the DRO stuff alone

• Don't stop down past f/8 unless you absolutely have to

• Try not to judge the sharpness of your lens based on such difficult circumstances (foliage + diffraction-impacted f/11 + ISO 800 + JPEG)!

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