Need Assistance with PC Specs

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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

Mini ITX case or something smaller

Smaller is hard to get with good performance as you move into laptop parts. Mini ITX is a good compromise.

ASUS motherboard or other --> suggestions

Any ASUS or Gigabyte socket 1150 ITX motherboard with Z87 and a displayport will last you a long time. At a quick look something like the ASUS H87I-PLUS will do nicely.

Memory 16.0 gb --> any suggestions

Fine for now. If you wish to feel safer, get it as 2x8GB and make sure the mother board has 4 slots and you can expand if need be in the future. But 16Gb will be good for quite a while.

Graphics card --> looking for cheaper card that supports 1080p video. Under $100.

Integrated Intel is excellent for your needs. No need for a discrete GPU.

Intel CPU --> suggestions

i5 or i7 as your taste dictates. The i7 has slightly better performance, but mostly in tasks like video encoding, compression and encryption. You won't see much difference for your tasks. That said, you will see a small difference.

Primary OS: Windows 8 (I don't want to get into a discussion about IOS, Win7 or Win8)

No worries there, a modern 1150 board will work extremely well with both Windows 7 and 8.

<snip SSD>

I agree with the other assessments that three SSD's is pointless. There may be a case for two, as the motherboard has multiple fast SATA ports to saturate, but I doubt that will make any practical difference for reasons already mentioned.

That said, if you wish to save the money from getting one larger SSD you can get two. I use that setup for the sole reason I consolidated two systems and thus ended up with two SSD's and it works fine. But the only real gain is it might be a bit cheaper.

Optical drive --> whatever is cheapest

Why? What will you use it for? Install the OS from USB stick, and after that, when will you use an optical? If you really need one, buy a USB one and keep in a drawer to take out when needed.

4 port USB3 add on

Your motherboard will probably have 4 USB4 ports, and you can use 2 more on the case if it supports that. So you have 6 USB3 ports and probably more USB2 ports than that from the get go.

Main image storage areas will be on USB 3 disk drives (existing)

If you're not accessing several of them at once you can keep them on a USB3 powered hub with no ill effect. That might be a bit slow if you copy items between them, but otherwise it will perform well.

Should I put the users directory on the second SSD or on a USB 3 drive?

Absolutely not on a USB3 drive. That will cause all manner of "interesting" problems.


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