RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

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Let's carry your analogy a step further

halfmonkey wrote:

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halfmonkey wrote:

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In my opinion the 24-70 is an overrated lens .. Way over-rated. Get the 24-105 kit and keep the difference or spend it on a RX100! (or get a 40mm STM)

Does this image look deficient to you?

I bought and then returned the 24-70 II. IQ was only slighter better than my 24-105 and then only at the corners. Slightly less distortion at 24mm. Slightly better contrast.

No disrespect but are you sure it's not user error or maybe you just got bad glass?

it's a lens; not a rocket ship. That said I may have gotten a bad copy. It also might be that I have an excellent copy of the 24-105. Dunno but I sent the 24-70 back.

Keep in mind that the IS is very nice; especially for indoor family life.

Yes, it is a lens and not a rocket ship but just like a wrench or an air gun, it is a tool and if you don't know how to use the tool, you're not going to get the result that the tool was designed to give.

That's right; it's just like a wrench or an air gun which is to say a pretty simple piece of equipment.  Sure, there are variations on the theme, but most seasoned mechanics will pick that up pretty quicky.

I started in with a Kodak Monitor in 1962 so I have had my hands on a good bit of equipment over the years  I personally didn't find that the 24-70 II required any particular insight or technique.  It is a very simple garden-variety zoom.

If you can shoot a 50 1.8 you can shoot the 24-70 II.

From everything that I've read, if you compare Canon's 24-70 ii to other lens in that range, it's always comes out being the best. The biggest complaint that I hear is that although it is a great lens, people aren't sure that it necessarily worth the $1k more that it's asking over the 24-70 i.

It has the best IQ but a more limited range.  And no IS.  If money is no object and you don't need the range or IS then go for it.

Remember we're all just trying to help YOU.

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