X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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Thank you for your comment here. Actually I was using auto ISO and DR and I guess the camera picked ISO800 and DR400% for me. Maybe that's because it was a bright day and the camera thought it should increase dynamic range to its maximum. I realized that under this setting the camera will do more smearing/smudging to make the JPGs more clean, at the cost of details maybe, even though my NR was set to -2. One thing I notice about this camera is that when the DR is boosted to 400% the contrast suffers. The picture was more acceptable to me when I boosted the contrast of the picture in LR. However, I guess the JPGs from X100s are not just as good as those from the X100. Although JPGs from X100 were not free from noise at ISO800, the details from the camera were well-retained.


Did you use the DR boost at 400% and ISO 800 outdoors on sunny days with your X100?

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