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faster speeds with larger SSDs

When looking at smaller consumer mlc based SSDs, they're slower (especially on the write side).

Not only are larger SSDs faster, their life expectancy is much longer (256GB or larger SSDs are rated for many more p/e cycles compared to smaller models).

So, I'd definitely avoid using 128GB SSDs just to split out i/o, as I think you'd see better overall performance by sticking with 256GB or larger SSDs instead, especially given the lower latency you see with modern SSDs now.

IOW, the performance bottlenecks you see with smaller SSD models is likely to be greater than the benefits of splitting i/o between multiple drives, given the lower latency you see with SSDs anymore.

Again, personally, I'd go with a single larger SSD instead. You'd get faster throughput that way (especially for writes), without the hassles associated with trying to segment data between multiple drives, and you'd probably get a better price/performance (GB/Dollar) ratio, too.

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