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Re: I'd reduce the drives (as SSDs have virtually no latency)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

So, I think you'd see a negligible benefit by installing multiple SSDs and trying to split i/o between them. With physical hard drives, that was a great strategy. With SSDs with virtually no latency, I think you're "barking up the wrong tree".

This is true for the 3rd one.  But there are sound reasons for separating the OS still onto the simpler 128G drive and keeping the data separate.  Smaller backup, easier to rebuild/upgrade or to relocate the data drive to a different machine.  And unlike with hard drives, you're paying nearly the same per gigabyte at the 120/240/480 sizes, so there's not a cost penalty for the second SSD.   Pairing a 840P 128 and a 512 840P does pretty well.  May still need a hard drive for mass data- or a network location to write to as I have done.

OP: if you go to 3 SSDs, you'll want to look for motherboards with more than 2 SATA6 ports.  Likely with the latest haswell chipset, less common with the prior ones.

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