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gskolenda wrote:

I have a large format Canon Printer that uses a 12 color gamut. I have printed 24x36 prints from a Canon 20D which is a 10 Meg camera, I do a lot of landscapes. I also used a very good lens from Canon, L glass. My images are stunning that are so sharp!

So being able to print very large, from a Nex5n and especially the Nex7 should not be hard, as long as you understand that the lens has a lot to do with it along with the Sensor size. Here is my recommendations:

1. Always shoot in Raw. It allows for the best tweaking, especially for prints where printers or print services have limitations in there ability to interpret the final image that you want. also 16 bit images have twice the color info over 8 bit.

2. When you process from Raw, do all your color correcting, exposure settings and everything else that you want to do, Before you Sharpen! Always Sharpen any image as the last thing you do in processing. Especially when re-sizing, Bigger or smaller.

3. If your going to use an outside printing service, ask them if they have a very good upresing software. I have one that I use that came with my Canon Printer, it works very well, however, I don't use it very often. There are a few different re-sizing programs out thee just google it. One that's pretty popular is Blow-Up by Alien Software, it has good reviews, just know that all these programs have there limitations.

4. If you really want color accurate images from your printer and your Print Service provider, you would have to have your monitor color calibrated to your cameras Neutral settings, this calibration process is not hard and once done, you just include it in your image file when printing. I would also recommend getting a proof first if it within your budget. then you will know that what you see is what you will get.

Hope this helps,


After you've processed your RAW files, are you saving them to TIFF for printing?

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