Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

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Re: Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

The marketing of m4/3rds cameras, both Olympus and Panasonic, is often an implicit theme in many threads here. Why does Panasonic have such a dumb sensor policy? Why don't they listen to us when we say we want an internal EV (which may in fact be coming). For those with some methodological standards for marketing and other kinds of social research, it seems just plain dumb that they seem to get it so wrong - especially when we listen to their marketing spokespeople. I will not bore you with my classic example.

I am not saying that everyone wants what I want as a customer. What I am saying  is that I would hope at least they could gather marketing data in a rigorous way; or it is garbage in, garbage out, as the old saying goes. Your experience is not an encouraging one. Let me offer my empathy for your frustration. There are some good marketing people out there, but there seem to be some incompetent ones too. Old pros tend to ask how the new ones are trained these days. If you want to create an international company called M4/3rds Consulting to advice Panasonic and Olympus, start a thread. I bet there are a few marketing and social science professionals on this forum who would be happy to join with you.


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