The Amazing D200.

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Re: The Amazing D200.

all of the CCD models had lovely rich colours , that were almost film like in appearance , the d2/h/x were legendary for their skin tones etc . so much so that Nikon tried to mimic the colour "look" with picture control profiles for later CMOS models .

but by the time the D200 was out Nikon were a fair way behind Canon with low light and high iso performance ,and MPs .  So they dropped the CCD in favour of CMOS  that was more tuneable . the rest is history , D3-D300 followed not long after with the D3X and D3s , the D3s until recently being the bench mark for low light /high iso performance .

Now Nikon has realized ,high pixel count delivers previousely unheard of dinamic range figures ,and croppability that delivers super clean images , what next .

well the DSLR without a mirror is surely not too far away , allowing for truly silent shutter and faster frame rate !!! , its already been an exilerating ride since the first DSLRs came to be and yet there must be more to come , new manufacturers entering the field ,developing fantastic new ideas ,pushing the "big boys" to produce better and cheaper(eventually) models or suffer humiliation .

bring it on .

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