RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

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Re: RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

Take a look at the 6D. The RX1 is a great camera and it can track focus well but longer term as your kids grow up you're going to want a longer lens. I started with the 20D when it first came out and added a lot of L glass including the 70-200 2.8 IS as my kids got into sports. Once I got the lens lineup I wanted I moved to the 1DMKIII for high school and college sports. Heavy set up but I captured everything. You'll have enough fps and focal points for the young kids with the 6D and I can guarantee that you'll want a longer lens as they take up sports. As my kids got out of sports I got tired of the size and weight of the MKIII, sold the MKIII and Canon glass for a fair price from a dealer and went to the M9 which I just sold and to pick up the RX1 for various reasons.

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