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halfmonkey wrote:

I'm in the market to finally upgrade to full frame and I've narrowed down my choices to either the Sony RX1 or the Canon 5D iii. I know these two cameras are in completely different categories and that's what making the decision so difficult. I guess I wasn't really even considering the RX1 at first because of the fixed 35mm. It was the quality of the pictures and the size that drew me in. If I buy the 5D iii, I'd purchase the 24-70 ii lens with it to start off.

So I know that deciding which camera to pick will ultimately fall to my style of shooting but I'd like to ask for your guys' opinion or suggestions on things to consider when deciding between the two cameras.

I would probably say that my primary focus at this point is taking pictures of my little kids. They're 5.5, 4, and 6 months. I guess one of the main things holding me back on the RX1 is the fixed 35mm lens. I know it's generally considered a walkaround lens, maybe a little on the wide side but non-the-less, a usable walk around lens.

I've compiled my list of pros and cons for each. Please feel free to give feedback to suggest things to consider for each.



1. small - I guess the first rule of taking a great picture is to have the camera with you in the first place.

2. cheaper than the 5D iii


1. fixed 35mm lens; non-changable - not necessarily the best for shots of kids

2. accessories are extremely expensive



1. interchangable lens - allwos for flexibility


1. heavy and large - there not as portable as I'd like. Can't just throw in a bag or wife's purse or pocket

Clearly the 5D3 is a much more versatile camera and offers a world of possibilities that the RX1 inherently cannot.

The 5D3 is the best photo journalist camera in the world. The demands of capturing family life is no different then PJ photograpy. Only the subject is different.

From almost every perspective it is clearly the better camera for you.

There are some exceptions:

Bulk - It is a much heavier, bulkier camera that will require greater commitment to have with you. It can be a bit intrusive too. Do you have the commitment to use it? The RX1 is lighter but you will need to have it in a shoulder bag of some kind.

IQ - The IQ of the RX1 is better but with better lenses and some decent PP skill you can create images that are easily superb. The 24-70 II and the Sigma 35 come to mind.

Cost - The 5D3 is more but then you are getting more. That includes the potential to grow with your interests. If two years from now you want a true portrait lens your Canon body and the 85L are there for you. The RX1 can never be more than it is.

You might want to think about a 5D3 and a RX100. Untill recently aquiring the RX1 that's all I had and I loved the combo.

(I highly recommend the RX100 for you. It will be there when both the 5D3 and the RX1 are at home)

Of the two I would say the RX1 is more fun to shoot. A lot of that is due to its smaller size/weight.

If you go to my Flickr sets you will see images from all three cameras. I am not a pro so they are not pro images but they outline what a decent photographer can expect to produce.

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