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knickerhawk wrote:

josbiker wrote:

Learn how too interpretative the "things" you see in the E.V.F. use e.g the spot meting and see what is going one with the expose fluctuations etc.etc.VERY, VERY important!

The problem here is that optimizing exposure for jpeg output is fundamentally different from optimizing exposure for RAW output. More specifically how one sets up camera defaults and how one utilizes the EVF and histogram/blinkies display needs to be different for jpeg shooting and RAW shooting. One set of recommendations doesn't work for both modes of shooting if one is hoping to get the very best possible image quality. An image that is hopelessly overexposed in jpeg may, in fact, be perfectly exposed in RAW. It is important to bear this in mind when doing a jpeg vs. RAW comparison. If you're starting with the same JPEG+RAW capture, you're in all likelihood starting with one or the other files being relatively handicapped.


Yes, one of the benefits of shooting RAW and ETTR using Spot Metering is increased awareness of the light ... the variety of luminances of the scene, by watching the histo (in the case of Pannys) and/or the blinkies (in the case of Oly).


In my limited experience (about 9 months shooting RAW) your comments above are critical to loading the sensor optimally. Unfortunately the distinction between sensor loading (exposure) while shooting RAW and shooting JPEG seems to be lost to many photographers. I wasted a lot of time shooting RAW without understanding sensor loading. Gollywop's Article Exposure vs Brightening is a big help. So is the Cambridge Colour Tutorial on The RAW File Format .

It appears that there are some photographers around who tend to extrapolate their film experience to JPEG shooting to RAW shooting without understanding the fundamental differences is how to expose (in the Gollywop sense) the light-sensitive material. That extrapolation is reinforced by misleading terminology (Exposure sliders in Lightroom) and by misleading concepts (Exposure Triangles). That probably doesn't bother experienced photographers but certainly slows the learning rate for beginners like myself.


PS knickerhawk: Although presumptuous of a beginner like myself, your use of tonal value is extraordinary!  Beautiful work, especially in Spain 2010 .

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