RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

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Re: RX1 vs. Canon 5D iii

I've always a Canon user and because Sony is selling this unique product, it has caught my eye and I'm considering it. I know there are other options out there that may work or fix one compromise over another but I think I've settled on the RX1 or 5D iii at this point.

Someone earlier mentioned the AF on the RX1 is slower and I have read that but it doesn't seem to be the most frequent complaint. The most frequent complaint that I've read is the price and the price of the accessories. Next would probably be the AF in low light and then the fixed 35mm. I've played with the RX1 in the store and I really love it. It takes great pictures in a small package but is limited by the 35mm fixed lens and I guess that's really holding me up.

Another thought came up to be a negative for me against the RX1 is that if my kids end up going into sports, it'll be next to impossible to get a decent action shot from a distance because of the 35mm fixed lens. Again, with the 5D iii, I have the flexibility to change lens to fit the scenario. I guess I also still have my old crop sensor Canon and can still use that but it's really old and defintely can even compare to my S95 p&s camera.

On the flip side, 2 main things that are holding me up on the 5D iii is the price. To get the body and the 24-70 ii, I'd be over $5k and that's not even including memory card, flash, etc. Quite a bit of change considering that I don't make money from my photographs. Again, just pictures of the family.

The other thing against the 5D iii is how big and heavy it is. I took my current rebel to Disneyland once and it was heavy enough lugging that thing around all day around my neck. I'd hate to think how much of a strain it owuld to have a 5D iii with the 24-70 ii lens.

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