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AShimon wrote:

There are definite benefits to having multiple drives in a single system.

For the OP's needs, if he has ample RAM, one SSD for high traffic and one HDD for intermittent traffic, the additional benefit of additional drives is vanishingly small.

While, purely statistically speaking, you are correct that the more items in the system makes it more unreliable -- it is worth noting that a modern computer system has millions of parts, tens of thousands of individual connections, and it's all made as cheaply as possible. Yet, computers today have achieved a very low failure rate.

No actually, it is not worth "noting that". HDDs are the #1 failure mechanism, and SSDs are the #1 wear mechanism. You are missing the forest for the "millions and tens of thousands" trees.

In the real world, his setup will most likely run for years without issue. Whether that extra SSD is a sensible choice is up for debate. Personally, I would just go for the 512GB 840 Pro and be done with it.

More expensive than what I suggest, and a single 512GB SSD (rather than a 256 GB SSD and a 1TB HDD) will not give him the amount of online storage he will need.

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