Sigma 35mm f/1.4 user feedback needed

Started Jun 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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it's one of the best 35mm SLR lens out there

I am a big fan of 35mm and I own (and have owned in the past) quite a few 35mm SLR lenses including Canon 35L Nikon 35G, Nikon AIS 35 F1.4, Zeiss 35 F2 ZF mount, Zeiss 35 F1.4 ZE mount, and of course now the Sigma 35 F1.4, and have tried friend's new Canon 35 F2 and Samyang 35 1.4, amount them I found the Sigma is the best "all around" 35mm lens, it is perfectly useable at wide open, actually, useable is a understatement, it's very sharp wide open with good color and contrast, so much sharper than my old 35L, edge performance is day and night better than the 35L both wide open and stop down, I would call it the Zeiss level at the edge but for sure better than the 35L and 35G, in fact, it has much less color fringing than the Zeiss 35 1.4 ZE at wide open F1.4, that makes it a great all around lens, you can comfortably shoot it wide open if you need all the light you can get, or you can shoot stop down for landscape application and l getting great edges, also the built quality and over all finish of the lens is at very high level, feels almost "Zeiss like" in my hand, so I can only highly recommend that lens after playing with all those 35mm. The only 35mm I am still not willing to give up yet is the Zeiss 35 F1.4 so I kept it and shoot it on Canon platform and use the Sigma 35 on my Nikon platform, even I can shoot the Sigma on my Canon too with the adapter.

I have not tried its USB dock-focus calibration feature as I didn't need to and I currently don't have that USB dock yet, so can't comment on that part, as for AF, while I do manual focus most of the time but it auto focus just fine out of the box on my D800E and my friend's D4 without any issue, and one of my friend just received his Canon mount Sigma 35 and I have the opportunity to try it on my both 1Ds MK III and 1DS MK II with no focusing issue.

The only thing is missing from the Sigma is the weather sealing, so it may or may not be a "issue" for your type of shooting.

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