The Amazing D200.

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Re: D200 = mini medium format with CCD back

FTH wrote:

The D200 is actually the only last DSLR using a CCD and I truly wished that Nikon would come out with a DSLR integrating the Leica M9 sensor (kodak 18MP CCD) - edge sharpness on CCD is higher than CMOS and I can bearly see an increase of resolution from the D200(10MP) to the D5100 (16MP). I consider the D200 as a mini medium format back with better AF - actually, it is the best Nikon DSLR for true color reproduction, panoramic work, and portrait work. And 16X20 prints come out beautifully.

While I love my D200 as much as the next guy, I suspect the lack of an AA filter on the Leica M9 accounts for the high perceived edge sharpness, much more than having a CCD vs. a CMOS sensor.

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