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Re: cheap sRGB color-acurate monitors - June 2013 Thread

Alex Notpro wrote:

I'm in the market for a 24" wide monitor (roughly 26" diagonal). I want maximum color accuracy at a low cost.

I've seen the threads a few months ago, about IPS technology and the ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED which comes with a fixed 100% sRGB mode. Despite the nice review from that OP, I am concerned by the later comments in that thread, that this type of monitor may not "age" well due to the lack of adjustable settings.

Technology is constantly evolving. Now in June 2013 are there some better options that satisfy the requirement of accurate sRGB at a low price, but perhaps without the aging issue?

The original thread I'm talking about is here -

The comment re aging without the ability to adjust refers specifically to the factory preset sRGB mode.

Almost all these monitors offer a variety of "color" or "view" modes.  Preset sRGB being one, and also sometimes Gaming, 6500K, Standard, Custom or User as others.

In sRGB mode and some of the others, the on screen display (OSD) via the monitors menu does not offer RGB sliders to tweak the color.  Hence "no adjustment available".

For most of these monitors the preset sRGB mode is not too bad in terms of color accuracy as measured against the sRGB standard color space... when new!  But over the months and increasing hours of use, the electronics of the monitor age and shift slightly requiring that the monitor be recalibrated to the standard.  You would recalibrate with a colorimeter like a ColorMunki Display, i1 Display Pro, Spyder 4 Pro, or a Spyder 4 Elite.

The software of these colorimeters offer a simple/easy mode and an advanced mode.  The advanced mode, which most color critical users prefer, requires the use of the RGB sliders.  Hence, you can not use the advanced mode to ensure that your monitors' sRGB preset is calibrated to standard.

However, you still can use the simple/easy mode and it does not require the RGB sliders.  It will calibrate the monitor and create an ICC profile for use by the color management utility of the OS.  All the tweaks to color are created in software and saved within the ICC profile.

Your colors may not be as accurate as with using the advanced mode but I'd venture that they will still be better than the original factory settings of the sRGB mode.

What you should watch out for are monitors that don't offer an OSD.  For example, HP offers the ZR2740w and ZR30w that don't have an OSD offering access to controls for RGB sliders, monitor sharpness, view modes, etc etc, only a control for Brightness and Contrast.  The monitors have received good reviews but personally, the lack of RGB sliders is a "do not buy" checksum for me.


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