The Amazing D200.

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Re: The Amazing D200.

I can't agree more. The colors coming out of D200 can be amazing, and I found 10MP to be totally enough to print gorgeous 12x18. But, as usual, there is a caveat -- D200 really likes good light, and it is not just because of the noise, -- but in really bright light the output from the D200 truly sparkles with vivid colors, and it seems less prone to blowing a channel than some later models. Truth be told, after acquiring a D300, for quite a while, I tended to print large D300 photos in black and white, -- it just couldn't match the D200 color. This said, at present I consider D300 output to be very good, and better in terms of color rendering than some of the later Nikons, and, of course, D300 has other strengths. But a well exposed D200 picture taken under near optimal conditions still has certain "magic". I still have a fully functional D200 and use it under right conditions. I don't have any D200 photos handy at the moment, but will try to post something later.

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