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Re: Disappointing

Can't sepak to the NEX6, i use a NEX7. From available comparisons though i assume thatthe IQ is very comparable.

That said i went from Canon 7D to Nex7. I read about sensor comparisons below (DXOmark) and thought these are just meaningless numbers. However, what i see appears to directly reflect the DXOmark comparisons. The NEX sensor is in a different class than the 7D sensor. Of course the 5Dii or 5Diii are FF and therefore will deliver better IQ compared to a APS-C sensor with same resolution.

The one argument that does not seem to come up in this thread is size. To me it does not make sense to compare a Nex6 or Nex7 to a 5diii without talking about size and prize. If size and prize don't matter why would i not get a N800 or a Canon 1Dx or 5diii? Or a PhaseOne?

I was not fully sold on Nex when i first got it. But i was attracted by the small form factor combined with a great sensor. And the end result was that i did not use my 7D anymore.

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