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My current PC is around 6 years old and facing some service pack update issues. D800 files are growing and Lightroom 5 was just installed. So I thought it would be time for a new PC. I am a little out of touch with some of the new PC technology. I have taken a quick estimate of what's needed but would appreciate some feedback on the direction and components.

SW to be installed: Windows 8, Lightroom 5, Nik Software, Adobe CS4 Design premium package, Office 2010, Canon imaging software. Note: I am not a gamer. The only game I will load is BGblitz for backgammon. Image library is currently around 50,000 images of varying sizes from 10 mb in size to 120 mb) Image previews will be set to delete after 30 days on Lightroom to manage the size of the preview cache) I prefer to build better when getting a new PC as I don't usually do upgrades mid-cycle. Based on below, am I on the right path?


Mini ITX case or something smaller

ASUS motherboard or other --> suggestions

Memory 16.0 gb --> any suggestions

Graphics card --> looking for cheaper card that supports 1080p video. Under $100.

Intel CPU --> suggestions

Primary OS: Windows 8 (I don't want to get into a discussion about IOS, Win7 or Win8)

Samsung 840 Pro 128 gb (is this big enough)

Second SSD: Lightroom catalogue and previews cache

Samsung 840 Pro 256 gb

Third SSD: Temporary storage for image processing before it is moved off to USB3 drive for archival

Optical drive --> whatever is cheapest

4 port USB3 add on

Main image storage areas will be on USB 3 disk drives (existing)

Should I put the users directory on the second SSD or on a USB 3 drive?

Every additional element makes a system more unreliable.

Go with one 256 GB SSD for everything except your image files that should be on one SATA HDD. Use USB drives for backup. You don't need the graphics card. Get a Gold rated power supply to reduce cooling requirements. Intel i7 processor and 16 GB RAM are ample.

There are definite benefits to having multiple drives in a single system. While, purely statistically speaking, you are correct that the more items in the system makes it more unreliable -- it is worth noting that a modern computer system has millions of parts, tens of thousands of individual connections, and it's all made as cheaply as possible. Yet, computers today have achieved a very low failure rate.

In the real world, his setup will most likely run for years without issue. Whether that extra SSD is a sensible choice is up for debate. Personally, I would just go for the 512GB 840 Pro and be done with it.

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