best setting for birding with D800 body

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Here you go

Ed Agter wrote:

I was waiting for the successor to the D300 but would not wait longer becouse of my trip to New Guinea. So therefor I bought the D800 last week and the Thom Hogens Guide for it. After reading about 500 pages I'm haven't found out the best settings for birding for the D800.

What are the best setting for birding with this body and take in acount that I have only a couple of weeks to improve my knowledge for this body. My lens is the 500mm Vr.

- AF-C

- 9 or 21 pt AF, whichever you prefer.

- Menu item A3 "focus Tracking with lock-on" set to OFF (cannot stress this enough, especially for BIF)

- continuous shooting, obviously. You can use a grip with 1.2 crop or DX mode to get the D800 firing at 6 FPS if you need it.

- Menu item A1 "AF-C priority selection" set to RELEASE

And that's it. That will set any of the newer cameras (D600, D800, etc.) to the fastest possible AF capabilities.

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