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Re: Disappointing

Coming to a NEX from many years with Canon DSLRs, most recently a 50D with L lenses, my experience has been completely different from yours. Since I got the NEX, the 50D hasn't been used once.

I'm very surprised at the excellent image quality of my NEX 6 and lenses (not the 1650PZ though), and at the amazingly good high ISO performance of the camera, when shooting in RAW. ISO 1600 is amazingly smooth even for prints of 12X18 inches, with very slight touches of noise reduction. ISO 3200 is easily useable with a bit more NR, and even for large web images with almost no NR.

Maybe you're shooting only JPEGs, and I agree that the JPEG engine of the NEX is disappointing, in the sense that there's so much noise reduction that it smears images at ISOs above 100. But the RAW engine is excellent.

Focusing isn't quite as fast as it is with my 50D, but even without the LA-EA2 adapter, it's quite fast - much faster than I expected. With the LA-EA2 and an A mount lens, focusing is almost - almost - as fast as it is with the 50D.

I thought that as others have complained, I'd find the interface of the NEX complex and confusing, but that hasn't been so. A book on the NEX helped a little with that.

My original plan had been to retain my 50D for "important" images, but I'm rethinking that, and will probably sell the 50D soon.

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