Curious about the mkiii

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Re: Curious about the mkiii

You said you primarily want to shoot people.  Are you shooting them in a studio or in the field?  I'd say that for studio and landscapes, the D800 is your camera thanks to the dynamic range and resolution.  For sports and photojournalism, the 5D Mark III is a little faster and has slightly better autofocus. 
The 5D Mark III and D800 are both very good cameras.  I've seen them both produce very nice pictures.  Not the answer you were perhaps looking for, but frankly it all depends on your preferences and shooting style.  The D800 has the best image quality of any DSLR currently available.  So if image quality is the most important thing, get the D800.  The advantages of the 5DD Mark III in shooting speed and autofocus don't really outweigh the massive advantage of the D800 in image quality, for the most part.  For most people, choice of a body depends on lenses, though.  It's why I have a 5D Mark III.  But that said, the 5D Mark III has served me well.  I do wish I had greater resolution and DR at times, but Canon has some nice lenses.  Nikon is increasingly catching up with Canon in that regard, though.  I would definitely ask around in the Nikon forums, too.

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