Just got my D7100 w/ 16-55mm Lens and have a few questions?

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Re: Just got my D7100 w/ 16-55mm Lens and have a few questions?

BlueJakester wrote:

mosswings wrote:

If you're planning on traveling, look into phone or tablet based backup systems. I'm presently using a system that employs a Kingston Mobilelite Wireless SD card reader / hub and a Seagate Slim 500GB USB 3 HDD. With it, I can use an app on either my phone or tablet (Android or iOS, it doesn't matter) to launch a transfer between the SD card and the HDD, then let it finish autonomously. Afterwards, I can view the images via wifi from the hub. Cost - about $120-130 in addition to the phone/tablet. I think this is now a much more cost effective option for high resolution cameras than scads of SD cards were for the 10-12MP generation. 128GB doesn't store all that many images from a D7100 (or D800), and a 128GB USB key is painfully expensive compared to a compact portable HDD like the Seagate Slim or WD My Passport Ultra.

This is a very interesting and slick solution. Thanks for posting it.

To summarize so I understand it, connect the Seagate Slim and SD card to the Kingston MobileLite, launch the copy from SD > HDD with the App wirelessly from my iOS device, then I can close the App and carry on with whatever on my iOS device because the copy will run and complete autonomously. Right?


Exactly. The MobileLite hub also allows "bridging", so you can access the internet through the hub while transfer is in progress. Otherwise, it establishes a local network consisting of the tablet and hub alone.

If you shut down the app (by either switching off the wifi or suspending it), you'll lose immediate completion indication, but you can monitor the HDD activity light to determine job status. I have tested the transfer rate at around 10-12MB/sec using a 20MB/sec Sandisk Extreme II SD card and the aforementioned USB3 HDD. This is comparable to transfer speeds obtained by dedicated photo vaults and is limited largely by the USB2 interface. The Hyperdrive UDMA2 is faster in certain circumstances, but not by that much. In any case, a 4GB SD card of 20MB/sec or faster will transfer in about 6-7 minutes.

Incidentally, the ability to launch and complete autonomously is a capability of several other wireless hubs as well - it's just that the Kingston appears to have the most efficent and speedy implementation. Some other product's firmware limits transfer speeds to less than 3MB/sec and often much less.

If your tablet offers USB OTG input (like Android tablets do but iPads do not - you have to use the Camera Connector) you can plug the hub directly into the tablet and it reverts to a wired hub.

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