OK - so I'm considering getting a Nikon DSLR again - the D7100, but...

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Re: OK - so I'm considering getting a Nikon DSLR again - the D7100, but...

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Nik plugins convert the RAW file to a TIF snapshot when used in LR. At that point the direct reversibility is lost. In PS, it doesn't matter, since everything is a TIF or similar rendered, nonreversible snapshot.

You cannot undo a Nik edit? Wow! My lil ol' Elements can go forwards and back. I might have to undo half a dozen or so layers, but the original file is still accessible. The plug-ins seem to work like any other Elements feature.

What happens is that a TIF snapshot of the RAW image is created with the NIK edits in the LR catalog. You perform all further edits on that snapshot. All those edits are reversible if done in LR, back to the point where the snapshot was created. This is what happens with an image if edited in Photoshop, which is what Photoshop Elements is a subset of. The LR image chain, like Photoshop, remains 16 bits. Photoshop Elements is not a 100% 16 bit editor, so you lose some precision by using it.

Thanks for the info.  I am aware of PSE 9's limitations but have learned to do almost all my editing in ACR and the 16 bits features usually until I convert to 8 bits to save a jpeg.  I don't mind losing some of the 16 bit handling; I do miss having the ACR features that Elements omits.  I do as much of my processing in ACR as possible.  I might use the plug-ins less with a more precise and versatile version of ACR.  But, hey, I think it is all amazing.  I couldn't have imagined doing any of this stuff three years ago.

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