New NEX owner - Sony NEX-F3

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Re: New NEX owner - Sony NEX-F3

Ive had the F3 for about a month now and am really loving it. A few thoughts:
1. You'll here a lot of moaning about the lack of a viewfinder on this camera. Would be nice to have but many great photographers (google Diane Arbus) have worked with cameras that didn't have them. The flip up screen is great for composition and also lends itself to more intimate and candid portraiture since the photographer is not necessarily looking directly at the subject as with a viewfinder.
2. The F3 has an unintended but very useful flash feature in that you can direct the flash upwards with a finger or paper clip ("bounce mode") rather than firectly at the subject. This makes for a semi natural indoor lighting that is very pleasing. Especially useful for indoor pictures of children. May need to apply exposure compensation and works best in rooms with standard ceilings but the results can be very impressive.
3. The 18-55 kit lens has had mixed reviews and I have found it to be very unimpressive optically but very convenient. There are many old cheap manual focus lenses that will give significantly better image quality on this camera. Also the 18-55 looks to me somewhat fragile. You will see that if you extend the zoom out there is a lot of play at the end of the lens barrel. I always retract the lens when carrying the camera around.
Overall I love this camera wich like all of them has strengths and weaknesses. Learn to recognize or create photo opportunities that play to the many strengths of this excellent camera and you will be very happy with your purchase. -Tom

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