Thunderbolt Hard Drive

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Re: Thunderbolt Hard Drive

Hello, I hope it's okay to add a question to the thread in the hope of resolving my own data management issues.

The desktop's one terabyte internal hard disk quickly filled to accommodate an ever growing collection of photos, movies and - to a lesser extent - music.

As it is a pain in the neck upgrading an iMac's internal hard disk, I added a dRobo connected via USB2 and transferred the media files to it. The dRobo became the new "data drive" or "media drive".

Sadly, the desktop's internal hard drive became something of a Ghost Town where the system files reside with something like 80% of the drive remaining unused. Seems a waste.

Data transfer between the computer and external disk can be frustratingly slow.

Is it a bad idea to use a dRobo as a data or media drive?

Is the USB2 cable connecting the dRobo with the computer creating a bottleneck?

If the dRobo and USB2 connection are indeed slowing data transfer, should I upgrade the desktop's internal drive from one, to a four terabyte capacity?


Is an aging 2009 iMac itself the "bottleneck"?

If I beefed up the desktop's internal storage capacity then the external dRobo could be used purely for back up and I could add the "Ghost Town" drive to it.

The dRobo does offer USB3, but the iMac does not so I am tempted to get a new computer just fto see if connecting via USB3 makes any noticeable difference.

Any constructive advice appreciated. I'll remember you in my will.

Thank you.

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