A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Hynek, I'd be very interested to know if you are or have been an owner of a d300/s and whether or not you shoot any action shooting. If you do, what kind of action shooting do you do?

If you are using another camera, other than a d300, I'd also like to know why you think it is better than a d300.

I guess I can’t leave your post without a reply. If you haven’t addressed me this way Kerry I can’t see me making another contribution to this topic.

If you were very interested to know what I shoot you would click on the link in my signature or check my profile instead of writing me a letter.

I evaluated d300 carefully and was really curious what a comparison with the d90 will show. Crucially, it showed more noise in the sky, my favourite test at that time, and more noise in the shadows under natural and longer-wave light. The d90 looked more interesting proposition to me and this finished any doubts. It’s worth reminding that d300/s was not used only by 'action shooters', by far not. It was a very universal high end camera in a specific time of rapidly developing digital era in photography when building this type of dx body made more sense and was underlining the progress of sensors that they have reached. We can see in retrospect how good the sensors like those of d300/d90 were and still are. It can be interesting for you to know that I personally only just considered this level of IQ achieved good enough (with introduction of the K20d from Pentax and Alpha 700). And that is what I think today. These sensors are good. Today d300/s universality is considerably weakened in comparison with other options though some of its body based/speed capabilities only slowly matched by other cameras, if at all at this point. As I wrote in my reply to John "I see myself that Nikon didn’t cover perfectly well a certain and in my view significant (important) group of d300 users at the moment yet."

Again though, a huge number of users are benefiting from this progress and current configuration of cameras like d800/e, d600 and d7100. So although that configuration is actually the cause of some drawbacks for some, it’s, in effect, seen as a definite advantage by others while they consider the sensor & body and its capabilities and the price.

We've hashed this topic thousands of times and the answer never changes. Nikon doesn't have any action cameras in its current lineup, other than the d4, which is a very significant departure from the last generation of cameras. The last generation had 3 top notch action cameras. Excepting for high ISO and DR performance being less than modern sensors, the d300 is still a very good choice for an action shooter today, as is the d700.

"For an action shooter today" I see this a rather generic and thus quite a bold statement.

As John has pointed out, many times, the action market is the only market that completely favors the dslr over other cameras. Seems to me that offering cameras that exploit that strength is the smartest thing for Nikon to do, so I don't understand why you think otherwise.

That’s the thing. You have constantly narrowed your view to "action market" but for someone the d300 is an ideal macro shooting tool and there are so many other views whether based on specific needs or specific abilities of expertise. It can easily happen that you read my words about d300 and its replacement that don’t relate to "action market"? I think so. I do mention specifically whenever I mean specific and indeed did so many times in these posts. Just take a look at what exactly I write starting with the reply to John. It’s not also clear to me what you can mean (what cameras) by dx "action market" concretely as the dx format seems to be where the most, if not all, of this attention is drawn to.

I will finish going back focusing on 'shooting action' question despite not knowing about a single sentence from my posts that could prompt it or make it particularly relevant. As you can find out shooting action doesn’t keep me too busy nor is it very important in my photography though the same can't be said about several my friends. Some of them sure quite a personality and that including shooting from fast moving spots.

If you are curious more about what cameras like d7100, d600 or d800/e are capable of in this respect in hands of the others ask Jim Pearce from these forums whether his preferred ways of using the camera are close to yours and if you can gain from his experience. His bird photography regularly targets difficult and also small things in constant moment as you are likely to know. Check out Brad Hill’s blog for assessment of d600 (or d4) in the same regard and if using TCs is a big topic for you. You can also take a look at for me highly respected work of Ray Barlow frequenting dpreview forums on his pages – about the d800 and how he likes it for difficult high speed wildlife captures. And when thinking about it, other fine examples/experience I have seen on fx/lens forum start flashing in my memory.



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Congrats on being chosen a moderator Kerry. Mods on dpreview are doing a great job imho by which I feel have gained real respect. I admit being sceptical in the past. Good luck take care and I hope the next camera will be right there in satisfying fully those speed issues or requirements.

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