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Eduardo del Solar wrote:

I agree with you and with the writer that you quote above. A large part of nature works that way as you know. Many of the mice that were used in these images were home grown by a kid that fed them to his snake. I would assume one could make the argument that those home grown mice were harmed while others will argue the snake and the owls grew as a result of that action. One could also make the argument that live bait for fishing is harmful to the bait fed to the fish.....and I probably would agree with that too as well as agree that the people eating the fish grow as a result of using the live bait to tget the fish. In fact, carry that logic further and we all should be vegans to stop the suffering of animals we eat.

True, although we aren't talking about catching fish to survive here - we're talking about getting a photo. Killing an animal to do that (which is effectively what's being done by putting out the bait mice) isn't something I find morally acceptable myself, although I can see there is potential benefit to the owls. YMMV of course, this sort of thing is rarely black and white.

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