DxOMark : Ricoh GR lens Vs Nikon coolpix A lens

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Ray did you NOTICE less vignetting with the Ricoh lens?

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

Having said that, Ray did you notice on a practical level any greater corner darkening with the Nikon vs the GR, considering your particular workflow? You've made it clear that to choose between the 2 cams really comes down to money and/or user interface preferences.

In the real world, I don't see much if any difference between the output from these cameras. Doing a quick version of the ubiquitous brick wall test, though, the Ricoh is a little bit sharper in the corners wide open and has less vignetting than the Nikon. Its pretty visible (but easily corrected) at f2.8, barely visible at f4, and gone by f5.6. It would never affect my output one way or the other. I'm not shooting landscapes wide open good enough light to see it, my very occasional close up shot where I leave it wide open for some bokeh is gonna be out of focus in those areas anyway and I'd probably ADD a bit of vignetting. And in low light, of course, where you're more apt to be shooting wide open, you'll never see it.

But its there, no question. I know the Nikon lens tested very slightly better overall than the Ricoh, just as the sensor tested very slightly better, but I don't see ANY of it. As one of the few who decided to go with the Nikon, one would possibly think I'd play up any advantages (I don't think I would, but some probably would assume it), but I really can't see ANYTHING between them except for these lens corner issues, where the Ricoh is visibly better, but barely, only on close inspection, and, to me at least, not meaningfully.


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