What are you using for macro photography?

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Re: What are you using for macro photography?

nilsch wrote:

I use:

Tokina 35mm for product shots. Great lens. Can also serve as a "normal" lens.

Nikon 85mm VR for travelling light and hiking. Surprisingly good and very lightweight.

Nikon 105mm VR for most of what I do. Love it!

Tamron 180mm for bugs and such. Good lens, but would choose Sigma 150mm OS if I could replace it.

If I had to sell all but one lens I would keep the Nikon 105mm VR. Contrary to to what I thought when they came out, VR can be very helpful at near-macro photography without a tripod (e.g. flowers, bugs).

All macro lenses usually are great performers. If you are going to buy one lens, choose one in the 85-105mm range. Any macro lens from Nikon, Tokina, Tamron, Sigma are great. If you are going to use it for flowers and bugs while walking around I would choose one with VR/OS.

having both the 85mm VR and the 105VR, is there a noticable difference in optical quality?

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