Highest recommended ISO using the D800

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thing is...

Can someone just post "good" ISO 3200, 6400, 12800, and 25600 shots from a wedding they've done with the D800?

That will put this to rest in my own mind and would be very much appreciated.

So far I'll consider nothing but the D4 for events of any kind, and keep the D800 for ISO 100 nature and animal shots (at which it trumps the D4 so thoroughly, it's embarrassing!).


Thing is, you are looking at 100% images of a 16mp sensor vs a 36mp sensor. Downsize the 36 image to 16 as this is the ONLY way to compare like for like then apply the same amount of nr to both and only the gear heads will argue which has less noise. These is so little difference but if you ask me people waste alot of time worrying about noise...if you can cope with the speed if the d800 then the simple fact is the d4 affords little advantages in real world terms. You can buy the grip for the d800 and get the same battery life for example...
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