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But I've learned one thing through the years - taking short cuts and not noticing (or thinking the audience may not notice) the sky and the remaining CA may not matter to many observers, but it matters to the type of observers *I* want to impress. One of those is myself, and while I don't print everything I create they are developed for all forms of display, including practically large prints.

This is a very good point. We all tend to be our own harshest critics (and, sometimes, our own biggest fans, but that's a discussion for another day...) and once we are able to "see" these kinds of subtle differences, we find ourselves always drawn to them when we look at our images. Others may never notice and, even if we point out the issue, may never care as much as we do. But for many of us it's like the tiny pebble in the shoe - once you feel it all, it starts feeling like a boulder instead of a tiny pebble.

Bolding, etc, mine.

For many uses and many images, jpeg is quite adequate and one would be extremely hard pressed to see any differences. This is especially true when you're not dealing with extremes in highlights and shadows, don't have weird white balance issues and don't need to adjust an image in postprocessing. The problem is that those kinds of "extremes" are really not that infrequently a problem for us. Thus, we choose to play it safe and shoot RAW because we know we have a better chance of minimizing the problem in (post) processing. We know from our personal histories of working with both file types that RAW is simply more foregiving. The RAW pebbles just feel more like pebbles...

As a relative novice, moving from JPEG to RAW forced me to learn to load the sensor optimally (ETTR, spot metering) and to learn how to post process effectively. That has lead to better "vision" and to better, I think, products.

Folks who are competent to make an informed decision re RAW or JPEG in any given situation seem (to me) best able to get the most out of their camera. Those who default to JPEG (or RAW) out of habit or ideology seem (to me) to be missing some opportunities.


Learn, learn, learn to shoot and after that make up your mind and use your eyes and decide!

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