A prediction of the D400.

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Lenses should not be forgotten

If you look at the semi-pro / upper level amateur market, the action shooters are those who are most likely to throw the most money at Nikon. I can only suggest that you go to an airshow for example and look at the lenses. Next to a professional sports events, you won´t find one place with as many large primes and expensive zooms. (white or black does not matter) Somebody into landscapers or street photography could probably buy his whole lens package for the same amount as what those photographers consider a good starting package.

And btw those who like their mirrorless camera, would have probably bought one anyway, as it fits their needs - which means they do not really need a D400 (or D700 replacement)  and a D5200 or D7100 would probably be just fine for them. So please do not tell those who want and need an action orientated DSLR, that the market is dead. Looking at the aviation scene, it seems to be a growing market.

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