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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

I think you have the wrong impression of what I mean by "usable" in the context of my comments. By "usable" mean that you can get your work done with a minimum of effort.

That is "powerful". There is always a trade off between power and ease of use. Nothing has more power than a bash shell on a full set of bsd/gnu utilities, but very few things are as hard to use.

You don't need to do excessive clicking, swiping, dragging, or keystrokes. That doesn't require an "obvious" interface, just one you've learned.

And a motivated user will learn anything. Case in point, I have worked in JCL and COBOL.

And any interface has to be learned.

That's as useful as saying that every computer language that is Turing complete can be used to solve any problem. While technically true there are such vast differences in practical use that the statement carries no meaning.

Put a 3 year old in front of an iPad. She will be using it in no time. Put her in front of Metro. She won't. Put her in front of PowerShell and see how far she gets. Hand her Adobe Premiere for her 4th birthday and watch her make good use of it.

The trade off is there for a reason. And it has to strike the right balance for the task at hand. Editing video is not in the same league as finding the application you need or closing an application.

Your main objection seems to be that you've already learned the interfaces you know and you don't want to be bothered learning or having to know how to use a new one.

Completely incorrect. I learn new interfaces all the time. They all share one thing in common; they are good trade offs between power and ease of use for their intended usage.

Windows 8 strikes the wrong balance. It trades ease of use for power which is not of any use for an average user of a touch UI. Or even an extreme user of a touch UI.

That's a perfectly reasonable opinion to hold, but that by itself doesn't make the new interface a bad one.

If that had been my actual stance, but I do not hold to that. Windows 8 is broken because it strikes the wrong balance between power and ease of use. The difficulty to do basic tasks does not translate into more usable power; it's an OS, not a video editing suite.


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