X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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digicosmos wrote:

It was focused at infinity at f/11  everything should be in focus.  Look at the trees on the left.  I wouldn't say that is sharp...  I mean, seriously, my compact does better than this.   Is it because I got a bad copy of the camera?

To be honest the whole left side looks bad when compared to the right side.

The trees, the power lines, grass close to the street (and that's with NR-2 as you say).

Do a few more tests with fast shutter speeds (1/1000s or less), sweet aperture spot (around f/5.6 to f/8) ISO 200 or 400 (try to not to use ISO800 and DR400 yet) and compare the right side to the left side.

If it still happens - your copy is decentered I guess and needs to be serviced.


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